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Who are we ?

The Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company (voted India’s Number 1 dance company) and the Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute are widely-acknowledged as the country’s most popular and reputed dance organisations. Together with the Terence Lewis Dance Scholarship Foundation Trust, they make up the TL brand, which fosters creative excellence in the talented, enthusiastic dancer, raising the standards of dance in India and beyond. Learn about our various courses both online and in the studio and pick the perfect course for you.

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5 Ways Dance Can Help in the Growth of your Child

Dance can help your child develop creativity and self-expression, which is vital for his or her well-being. Dance has many forms, such as ballet, jazz, salsa, hip-hop, and more. Essentially, dance has a wide range of applications to meet the needs of everyone.

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How Do You Pursue A Career In Dancing In India?

Before we get to the HOW? We need to understand WHY? Everyone dances, some for health reasons, others for mental clarity, or as a hobby, but if you love dancing and want to make a career out of it, then you should definitely do that. Numerous rewarding profession alternatives exist in dancing! You can pursue a career as a professional dancer, choreographer, or dance instructor.

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How can I find good dance tutorials online?

Dancing is a fantastic method to lower stress and improve your mood, which is something we could all use. In addition to being a great way to increase your level of fitness and cardiovascular endurance, dancing can also foster a sense of community and motivation.

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Is learning dance difficult for beginners to master their art?

You've all probably heard the proverb, ABCD: Anybody Can Dance! Dance has no boundaries and can bring about spiritual happiness and contentment in anyone! For many people, it acts as a stress reliever, and for the devoted, it becomes a passion!

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What is the best way to get noticed on the dance floor?

If you are a beginner, then the reason why you would be joining Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute is because of the amazing training that they provide you with. They are one among the best at teaching beginners in their style of dance, which is why they have been able to show us how to perform every single dance style.

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Top dance styles taught at TLPTI

If you're in search of dance academies near you, or want to know more about one of the top dance training institutes in Mumbai then TLTPI is the right destination for your search for such dance schools, the most well-known dance Institute in India is the Terence Lewis Professional Dance Institute (TLPTI).

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Want to learn the latest dance moves? Join us at TLPTI

The pandemic has indeed had an adverse effect on all facets of our society, including the realm of dance, which is still impacted even if we are beginning to restore normalcy to the globe.

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Find the leisure of dancing at home with the TLPTI Online dance classes.

Whether you're learning to dance for the first time or are a seasoned pro, dancing is a fantastic hobby that anybody of any age can enjoy, and since the outbreak of the pandemic, online dance courses have become a reality.

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