What is the best way to get noticed on the dance floor?

Published: 28th September 2022 by Sarah Chowdhry

If you are a beginner, then the reason why you would be joining Terence lewis professional training institute is because of the amazing training that they provide you with. They are probably the best at teaching beginners in their style of dance, which is why they have been able to show us how to perform every single dance style.
For beginners this is the first, right place of development since it not only provides the person the confidence to perform in front of people but does so by adding a hint of their own personal touch and flavour!

The atmosphere we provide at our training institute is very warm and friendly which makes sure that students who are specifically beginners, find it easy and comfortable to settle in the class and not get awkward or shy while performing.
If you are a passionate dancer or aspiring to learn the most groovy, trendy moves, if you're someone who is keen on knowing the latest trendy reel steps, then this is the right place for you guys to step up your dance game!

They have so many different styles and styles for every dancer's taste and ability. You will always stand out if you learn to dance taking into consideration the performance aspect accompanied by having your basic technique work in the right place.
We aim at providing the students with inner peace and happiness at the end of the day, the contentment that we see after the end of every class, on their face is what majorly makes our day! We aim at levelling up your confidence and preparing you to be free and easy going for every upcoming party, wedding or event! Students are up to date with all the latest trendy songs as well as their hook steps!

Including a combination of choreos and dances of different dance styles, they are also aware of the latest bollywood movies, their hook steps, particularly and teach you that in simple steps, to make your life even easier.
So if you're a beginner, a passionate dance lover then the TLPTI dance studio is the right place to find yourself being guided in a fun and easy way!

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