How can I find good dance tutorials online?

Published: 26th October 2022 by Sarah Chowdhry

Dancing is a fantastic method to lower stress and improve your mood, which is something we could all use. In addition to being a great way to increase your level of fitness and cardiovascular endurance, dancing can also foster a sense of community and motivation.
Online dance classes have become a convenient source these days, Learning a new dance style and expanding your knowledge with each dance move not only inspires you to learn more but also encourages active participation in the dance community!

After the pandemic, online learning has become a very convenient way of getting to learn skills at the most simplified methods, learning your hobbies and enhancing your skills has become an easy task.

For an avid learner and passionate dancer who is truly looking at learning the latest dance moves at the convenience of sitting at home and receiving personalized training- TLPTI, Terence Lewis Professional Dance Training Institute is the best source for online dance training that one can enroll to enjoy the leisure of sitting at home and learning the latest dance moves!

BTF, Burn the Floor, is the name of our custom-created online course. It includes choreography classes in three different genres, including Hip Hop, Bollywood, and Contemporary.

This course would be delivered using the Zoom platform and include live sessions and tutorials.

When we offer these instructions, through our tutorial videos it's quite simple and handy for people to practice independently and totally reassess the dance moves on their own.

Following the conclusion of the live session, students are given access to our offline tutorial videos and a breakdown of the choreography.

Additionally, if a student misses a class due to an unanticipated circumstance, they can easily review the offline videos to continue learning without any fuss or concern.

The package includes 1 Live Session for a span of 1 month to 3 months, which essentially happens 2 turns per week at a rate of 75 minutes each. Tuesday and Thursday are days (For HipHop and Bollywood), Monday and Wednesday (For Contemporary)

The goal of TLPTI is to offer our viewers the best dance experience possible along with the equivalent of 25% technique and 75% choreography, which, for our viewers, would be an incredibly thrilling mix.

After the course is over, we also provide each student with a unique completion certificate.

So for someone whose passionately aiming for learning dance and the latest trendy moves then, they should definitely check out our BTF course.

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