Top dance styles taught at TLPTI

Published: 29th August 2022 by Admin

If you're in search of dance academies near you, or want to know more about one of the top dance training institutes in Mumbai then TLTPI is the right destination for your search for such dance schools, the most well-known dance Institute in India is the Terence Lewis Professional Dance Institute (TLPTI). It includes people from all over India who desire to train here because of the excellent studio and highly experienced instructors. Each member of our outstanding team of professional dancers and instructors was hand-selected and trained by our founders Terence Lewis and Mahrukh Dumasia.
So, If you're a budding artist or just have a passion and talent for dancing, or if you are in search of finding some dance classes around your area, the Terence Lewis professional dance academy is where you should be. Additionally, you may learn several dance styles here, such as Jazz, Hip-hop, Bollywood, and Contemporary. This dance school caters to the needs of anyone and everyone. Whether it's the adults or the kids who are looking for dance academies to enhance their skills or learn dance from scratch, they should definitely give this a shot!

Let's examine in detail how all dance forms are taught here.All the dance staples taught here are very essential for any dancer since it increases social adaptation, Reduces stress and anxiety and the most essential of all is that it increases flexibility and improves stamina.

1. Contemporary-

involves incorporating aspects of movement from several other genres like yoga, ballet and modern jazz. Dancers have the liberty to transform their performances based on their interpretations without having much rigidity and rules, unlike classical dance forms!

Since you all know that Terence sir is an exceptional contemporary dancer, what better way to honour him than by enrolling in one of the city's premier contemporary dance classes? If you have a real passion for dance, if you want to learn something new but also self-rejuvenating for your body, if you want to find some balance in your body, TLPTI is the place to enrol yourself or your kids, with first-hand training and instruction from top professional instructors as well as the master himself.
Contemporary as a style can be very graceful, and pleasant but at the same time be very dynamic and powerful.

You will get to learn proper skills and techniques particularly “ the pointed toe” technique used to get it right! Everything is taught to you here from getting the proper posture to maintaining your body balance. At TLPTI, we aim at providing the best and making sure our dancers have a top-notch dancing experience. Whether it is contemporary dance classes that you are searching for online or looking at on-ground courses, we cater to all!

2. Hip-hop -

characterised by bouncing, rocking, and leaping into the latest styles!
At TLPTI, we help you learn how to let go of all your troubles, move freely, and enjoy the rhythm of the music. Hip-hop is a dance form that is really cool, lets you bring in your own swag, is empowering, lets you portray your fearless attitude, and is energetic and playful. So, for the children who are especially really under the pressure and stress of studies, hip hop as a dance form is something really beneficial, since it’s not only a good physical activity for many but it’s something which lets your child be more expressive about his / her thoughts, we at TLPTI make it even more fun with our friendly instructors who make you feel at home with the warmth and the treatment they provide. Next, we hop on to the most trendy and the most looked forward to dancing style, here at our institute, The Bollywood dance style,

3. Bollywood-

Bollywood dancing is a highly colourful and dynamic way of expressing yourself either solo or in a group. For all you filmy geeks, movie buffs, and crazy dancer lovers, to get to learn the latest, trendy hook steps, what better than getting to learn it from the most trendy choreographers at TLPTI? This dance style is one of the most popular at our academy and is the best way of having fun! We teach you the smooth moves of all the trendy songs as well as reels to level up your social media game!

4. Jazz-

Jazz, the dance, is as experimental, free form and fluid as jazz, the music. It's fusion, it's inventive, it's exuberant and whether it's street style or modern style jazz dance moves that you're wanting to learn, you will get to learn all the funky dance steps here. .Jazz as a dance form is a very classy, stylish and more character driven. The most disciplined, expressive as well as glamorous dance style.
So get quirky, and join TLPTI. We are definitely sure of the fact that you would have a good, professional class experience here if you enrol yourself!

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