How Do You Pursue A Career In Dancing In India?

Published: 12th December 2022 by Anjali Chandnani

Before we get to the HOW? We need to understand WHY?

Everyone dances, some for health reasons, others for mental clarity, or as a hobby, but if you love dancing and want to make a career out of it, then you should definitely do that. Numerous rewarding profession alternatives exist in dancing! You can pursue a career as a professional dancer, choreographer, or dance instructor. There are numerous promising opportunities available for those passionate about dancing and performing arts and can explore incredible careers in the entertainment industry and education sector.

However, everyone has a different "WHY." The most crucial thing is that you understand why you dance.

Now coming back to the how?
A career in dance requires commitment, rigorous training & creativity. Overall dance is a mix of physical and emotional experiences. To be successful in this profession, one must undergo extensive training and practice.

To become a professional dancer, you must complete a rigorous training program. Dance schools in India are extremely competitive; only the best students are able to secure positions at prestigious studios. At TLPTI we have our Diploma in Dance Foundation Course, more about it later.

As a dancer, you must have a solid foundation so you can adapt to different moves and styles.

Dance also requires a basic understanding of music & rhythm, to be able to connect & interpret it. This will enable you to add dynamics to movement in relationship to music in a way that is unique & interesting.

The Diploma in Dance Foundation Course, at TLPTI is a special curated course with rigorous training for aspiring dancers who are looking out for a serious professional dance training.

This is perfect for you if you would like to gain a solid foundation in dance education, transform your body, become more flexible, gain strength and step into the world of professional dancing.

Here, we thoroughly break down each step and professionalize it so that you may master even the smallest details that reinforce your foundation. This gives you a thorough assessment of the technique.

Joining the right studio for you, is your first step forward in the world of professional dance. It is necessary to learn continuously, practice everyday, be flexible and to keep re-inventing and evolving.

It’s also necessary to get noticed, build networks & a community.

Here at TLPTI, we help you level up your career. Our alumni like Shakti Mohan winner of Dance India Dance Season 2, Punit Pathak who starred in the film ABCD 2 are just some of the many success stories at TLPTI.

To know more about our Diploma in Dance Foundation Course enquire here.

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