Young Masters Program

dplc level up intensive

love bhoomi performance by terence lewis professional training institute


An epic love story set to modern day love songs. A rich and dazzling spectacle featuring a fusion of Contemporary and Kathak with Gopis and Gopikas dancing to celebrate endearment, longing and love. This awe-inspiring Raaslila will take you on a journey of endless LOVE and togetherness.

master terence at dance programs


The latest winner on the TLCDC Corporate menu. A unique and edgy merger where Corporate jargon itself becomes entertainment and Corporato bigwigs and business superheads are the stars! Clever, classy, edgy – Dance Your Key Note, a first of its kind, completely transforms the impact the Key Note speech can deliver.

dance styles


From shimmering waters to burning flames, From free-flowing air, to the vast beyond Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Space, The Mighty Elements engulf the stage.

The 5 Elements, a highly artistic package brings to the stage the wonders of nature. From the raging flames of the Fire of victory, to the liquid blue of Aqua, from the indefinable Air, to the indestructible Earth to finally take you to the outer realms of Space. Each act is an aesthetic delight, in a spectacular interpretation never seen before, get set to be enthralled!

terence lewis shaadi special


Transforming the regular ‘Shaadi’ celebrations into a full-fledged page 3 event, yet retaining the very essence of love and romance, the warmth and laughter of family and friends, Terence Lewis himself adds razzmatazz to your special occasion

terence lewis guru of contemporary dance


The most stylish Judge on Television! The Guru of Contemporary Dance! Ace Entrepreneur! Three time Guinness World Record Holder! Artist par excellence! Inspiring Motivational Speaker! Celebrity Judge! TERENCE LEWIS LIVE! Up close and personal.

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mughal e azam dance performance


Down the Ages with icons of yore, With the classic 50s to the 2000s and more.So with the Mirch and Masala as only we could, We bring you a slice of Bollywood! From the classic Mughal-E-Azam to the item Queens were Kitsch meets Class.. enter Bollywood Dreams. Bollywood Dreams- 45 minutes of entertainment, recreating on stage the best of silver screen - From the 5os to the 2000s – Dramatique, Grandiose, Exhilarating.

terence lewis contemporary dance reel


We do what we LOVE - LOVE what we do. TLCDC - the energy, spirit, and soul of dance, the glamour and glitz as the young girls and boys of TLCDC set the stage on fire. They sizzle & shimmer, razzle & dazzle, turn & twirl- as they glide and fall to the rhythms and beats.

dance performance by terence lewis contemporary dance class


The ‘Spirit of India' brings to the stage a burst of colour and energy in a multi layered performance, high on entertainment! A mélange of the Indian folk with a touch of the new age Indian contemporary. Journey with us through this majestic land, from the northern lands and desert sands, to the enchanting south, unveiling the many faces of India one more beautiful than the other

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