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Published: 10 August 2022 by Admin

The pandemic has indeed had an adverse effect on all facets of our society, including the realm of dance, which is still impacted even if we are beginning to restore normalcy to the globe. There have been a lot of new changes that have been made in the field of dance, new trends have hopped in, and old ones have been revamped, added the mix of new trends and presented to the audiences to have maximum audience engagement.

Therefore, let's find out What are the Top Trends in the dancing world and how did dancers respond to a year of isolation?

Dance trends are ever-changing, and two years indoors saw more individuals looking for methods to stay active on streaming platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Dancers are starting to develop fresh, eye-catching hybrid compositions as they have more and more access to many musical genres and styles. Many dance videos exist online from current Bollywood and international hits to classic step-by-step remakes–like 90s Bollywood Choreographer that reminded people even if the clubs, parties and gatherings go away, the moves must keep coming.

Along with receiving professional instruction and education at the Terence Lewis Dance Institute, students also have the opportunity to participate in some entertaining popular trending reels that are posted on the institute's page. The trendy dance styles that are taught can also help you show off your abilities, gain popularity, and keep up with the technologically advanced generation.

You may learn the joy of dancing at the institute from professionals who have choreographed dance that ranges from challenging to simple and uplifting pieces for every dance enthusiast to try. Our new foremost course which is the weekend ADDA on-ground course is something that you readers should definitely have a look at. Its a specially designed on-ground course for the weekend with a MASHUP CHOREO of - HIP HOP CONTEMPORARY AND BOLLYWOOD ON TRENDING SONGS. WEEKEND ADAA ONGROUND COURSE CONSISTS OF 2 BATCHES- ONE IS FOR ADULTS AND THE OTHER CONSISTS OF KIDS- 4-7 YEARS OLD, SO ANYONE AND EVERYONE CAN COME, JOIN AND PARTICIPATE IN OUR WEEKEND ADDA COURSE.

Dancers who are aiming to learn more about all the trendy stuff happening online must check this out! Whether it's making trendy reels or knowing the latest Bollywood hook steps, we cover it all!

We have widely noticed that users are encouraged to contribute their own content through dueting, a method that allows many fresh additions and variations. The dance challenge, where users are given tunes to practise their routines, is one of the site's most well-known trends. By showing their dancing routines online, some of our trainer's and students' videos have earned an astounding million or more views. Below are a few must-watch videos of our trainers and Terence Lewis that have gone viral over the internet.

So come join us at TLPTI today if you want to learn while grooving to some catchy, vibey music.

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