Twenty-six excellent seasons of DPLC, and the future

Published: 3rd June 2022 by Admin

Do you have a passion for dance? Are you looking to train under the guidance of top dance instructors in India? Well, then we have something interesting for you. Dance pe lo chance or DPLC is one of the best dance programs in India that you could go for. It has trained various amature & trained dancers who have garnered a lot of fame throughout the dancing world. Many students who joined this program have now become household names. Get in touch with Terence Lewis Dance Institute professional mentors, and get a chance to shape your dancing career, by being mentored by one and only Terence Lewis sir.

What is Dance Pe Lo Chance or DPLC?

DPLC is an offline program for learning the basics of dance and polishing your dance moves. This course will help you learn what it takes to become a good dancer with the help of the best trainers and methodology. So, what makes DPLC different from other dancing courses? Well, the answer is simple, we at Terence Lewis Dance Institute focus on the holistic development of the candidates while moving ahead at their own pace. We groom our dancers in such a way that they become confident enough to absorb the performance pressure and help their foundation grow stronger in multiple dance styles. These are the characteristics of the professional dancing artist that will help you shine in your career.

Talking about the opportunity, at Terence Lewis Dance Institute, candidates get an amazing opportunity to showcase their talent in front of one of India’s most successful dancers – Terence Lewis sir. We all have seen him as the judge in many dance reality shows like “Dance India Dance” and others. Being a professional dancer, he has mentored many faces in the industry and has left his mark on the industry. In this course, you will be getting a dance class by Terence Lewis sir and performing in front of him. you will be trained by India’s best trainers for a solo and group performance that will be judged by Terence lewis sir. This can be a great opportunity for a candidate as performing in front of a legend of dancing like Terence Lewis sir not only makes you confident but gives you an edge over your peers.

Course Eligibility

There is no such eligibility for joining the course other than you are a passionate dancer. We take dancing as a serious art form, and we would be happy to teach people who are in love with it as much as us. So, if you are passionate enough and are keen to learn from the best in the industry, you are most welcome to join our classes.

There are people of all ages ranging from fifteen to fifty, and this makes the environment of our classes more engaging. Also, there is no experience required to join DPLC as we teach everything from the very basics making the foundation of the budding dancer stronger. Also, it makes it easier for the students to learn the dance form they are interested in from scratch and master that style. A master class with Terence sir is also part of the course. In this master class, you learn a lot about your skills as well as Terence sir can guide you on what you can do to polish your dance form. This serves as a once in a lifetime opportunity for people who love to dance and receive honest criticism.

It is also not required for you to be in Mumbai, where our classes are situated, to be a participant in our course. Many candidates in our classes are from outside of Mumbai and get equal opportunities. One can look for the timings of the batch on our website, which are quite flexible. Working professionals can also choose to be a part of our program with our flexible timings. We have a vision of bringing dance courses to every household and inspiring the hidden artist in you to step up and show your moves.

More about what is in this course

The biggest advantage of enrolling in this course is that you get to be in touch with the legend of the dancing field, Terence sir. He has guided and trained many professional dancers and is one of the most experienced personalities in the dancing world. Hence, getting him by your side will surely level up your skills and boost your confidence enabling you to deliver performance like never before. Seeing this opportunity, many people have enrolled with us, and with this motivation, in their minds, they have excelled in their dance styles.

Dancing in India has been associated with the female gender for a long time. But as time has elapsed, things have changed. Now the involvement of the male gender has become mandatory in the fields of learning the various dance forms. Terence Lewis Dance Institute helps to uplift this thinking even more, and hence the enrollment of both boys and girls is promoted in our institute.

You will also get a certificate for completing the course with DPLC, which will be an addition to your achievements. Meeting Terence sir and performing in front of him is also the major opportunity you get with this course. You will get to spend time with him and probably get a few snaps with him that you can flaunt on your Instagram feed. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and enrol as early as possible as we have limited seats. You can get more information on this by visiting our website. You can also see other information regarding the course on this website. If you still have any doubts, get in touch with us today.

Wrapping it up

DPLC is the golden opportunity for anyone looking to learn the art of dancing and to excel in it, too, with the tips of the legend of this field himself, Mr Terence Lewis sir. So, why miss this opportunity? Enrol yourself for the next batch today.

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