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Published: 23rd June 2022 by Admin

How well-coordinated is your body? How far can you push yourself and pick up your body to create shapes that were previously thought impossible? Have you ever closed your eyes and sensed the presence of your physical spirit deep within your soul? Since you are all aware that "Terence Lewis" is known as the "King of Contemporary Dance," what better way to honour him than by enrolling in one of the city's premier contemporary dance class (Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute), which is well-known not just in Mumbai but throughout the country!

Through the hit dance reality programme DID (Dance India Dance), Terence Sir helped to popularise this modern dance form by bringing a higher level of skill and a new language to Indian dance.

He gained a lot of attention as a result of the show, and he began performing contemporary dance pieces, including his most famous contemporary piece the song "Teri Deewani!" Even the contestants who were dancing were choreographed by Terence, and from there, his journey began in earnest, and people began to fall in love with his performances and mentorship! People began to approach him, and since then, the number of people resembling him has increased!

Rightly quoted by Isadora Duncan, “If I could tell you what it meant, then there would be no point in dancing it.” When you're dancing with Sir, you truly receive the sense of this statement; he not only gives you his undivided attention, but he also makes you feel loved by extracting the passion for dance in you, just like he does for himself!

If you have a real passion for dance, if you want to learn something new but also self-rejuvenating for your body, if you want to find some balance in your body, & if you want to learn dance at an international level, then TLPTI is the place to enrol yourself or your kids, with first-hand training and instruction from top professional instructors as well as the master himself, Terence Lewis! All of the teachers at TLPTI are personally trained under Terence lewis and have learned the art and skill of dance from overseas by receiving multiple international dance scholarships from the company to learn from the best dance teachers all around the world. His major purpose is to pass on the skill and passion of dancing to all other dance enthusiasts and talented youngsters through his institution! The whole point of teaching is that after returning from overseas, he compared societies and was very passionate about bringing a comparable dancing culture, authenticity, discipline and professionalism to India. The reason it's termed Contemporary is that this dance form is constantly evolving & takes its influences from various dance styles like Ballet, Jazz, Hip-hop & many other dance styles. People may make it their own style, and it allows them to experiment with diverse inspirations and express themselves!

The Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute is well-known not only in India but also throughout the world. TLCDC (Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company) has presented Contemporary Productions & Conceptualised Shows in nations such as the United States, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia, Egypt, Germany, France, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and others.

We, at TLPTI, give all of our dancer's inexpensive courses and highly professional as well as personal instruction that not only develops your talents but also pushes you to learn new methods with each step you take, whether it's online or offline. That is not just, our readers should be aware that we have successfully finished twenty-six seasons of DPLC (Dance Pe Lo Chance). Many of the students who participated in this programme DPLC and DIDFC are now household names.

Many well-known television personalities, including Shakti Mohan, Puneet Pathak, and Mayuresh Wadkar, were taught and practised under Sir’s guidance.

So, investing your time here will undoubtedly be valuable for you; in addition to the techniques, love, humour, and talents, there is a lot more than you can take away from this institute in the form of cherishable memories! We have dancers who are professionals who want to grow as dancers and attain that professionalism and excellence in dance, as well as students who want to enjoy the ambience of dancing and explore their hopping. Come to TLPTI if you want to get in shape with your dancing regimen since it features an eclectic blend of music that impacts a variety of dance genres to keep you active and healthy.

Are you ready to have a personal dance lesson from the Terence sir himself? Are you ready to learn from the best of best dance instructors in India? If you're seeking the greatest healthy living getaways in the area, you've come to the right place. TLPTI unquestionably has it all!

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