Rejuvenating The Dancing World Post-COVID With Dance Pe Lo Chance

Published: 3rd June 2022 by Admin

The Covid19 pandemic thwarted every industry, and the dancing world was one of them. The dancing industry stopped its steps as the lockdown was imposed globally, and we at Terence Lewis Dance Institute stopped our offline batches to ensure the safety of our candidates. This was tough as it kept our students at home and our mentors away from them. even though we had to cancel all the on-ground classes we came up with online classes which was a huge success But as it is said, tough times come and go. Similarly, as the covid 19 outbreak fizzled out and the lockdown restrictions were lifted, we immediately came back into action. Not only did we come back with our offline batch, but we came back even stronger. With the guidance of Terence sir & Mahrukh Dumasia ma’am, we made it to the stage with a bang. Returning to the studio, we looked for the proper arrangements to carry on our DPLC program. This was again done under the proper supervision of Terence sir and by following the proper SOPs as circulated by the government. Moving forward, we are starting with our enrolment procedure, and to our surprise, we are receiving an overwhelming response.

Season 27 Of Dance Pe Lo Chance

Season 27 of the Dance Pe Lo Chance made a solid impact post covid19 lockdown. People are enrolling at full capacity and are very thrilled to start the new season of DPLC. Terence sir is also with us, and we are delivering the best guidance to our students at every step. Like our pre-covid course, we are getting all our batches fully enrolled even after the pandemic. Moreover, many candidates are waiting for the start of new batches. This is the reason why we always ask our candidates to apply as early as possible, as we have limited spots, and it takes no time to fill them up.

Post the completion of the course; you will be getting a certificate which will be a testimony to your dancing skills. Given that we have completed over 26 seasons of the Dance Pe Lo Chance and calling it one of the best dance courses in India won’t be a stretch.

During the pandemic, people were very keen on joining the online dance courses from almost all the dance classes out there. People were looking to utilize their time staying home by learning a valuable skill of dancing which also keeps their bodies fit and healthy. People searched for online dance courses with certifications and other online courses to make themselves learn this valuable art. We also presented online classes to passionate individuals, but we are back with our offline batches to provide them with face-to-face classes.

Learning With The Legend Himself

The major highlight of our course is that we allow the new dance students to perform and learn with the legend himself- Terence Lewis sir. He is one of the most renowned professionals in the field of dance and has carried his legacy over the years. He has been on the judge’s panel in some of the top dance shows in India. Now he is here to teach you with the experience he has, and it is a golden opportunity for you to put on your dancing shoes and dance to the beat. With the master class with Terence sir, we provide the opportunity to the young artists who have just started with the basics of this art form. With a master class with Terence sir, you can showcase your talent in front of him in a group and with a solo performance. This performance will give you the confidence to perform at the bigger stages and boost your confidence overall. As Terence sir has so much experience, he can guide the candidates in such a way that they can improve their skills and deliver their best.

We never thought that we would be getting such an overwhelming response after the pandemic. In no time, we had all our spots filled, and we were ready to roll. With the proper guidance of Terence sir and our highly experienced mentors, it became a moment of satisfaction for all the new students as well as the staff. Our candidates got the chance to get a few selfies with Terence sir in the master class and keep it as a gift with them. On top of that, you will be presented with diploma certificates by Terrence Sir upon completion of the course. If you want to get these snaps and flaunt them to your friends, then do not miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Way Ahead

The way Dance Pe Lo Chance had made an impact after the covid 19 pandemic, it is obvious we will be more impactful in the upcoming years. In the upcoming years, we, with the guidance of Mr Terence Lewis sir and Mahrukh Dumasia ma’am our creative Head and Chief Choreographer, will be looking to inculcate a few more professional training aspects to uplift your dancing spirit. We are looking to learn and grow with you as we believe that no one is perfect, and there is always a scope for improvement. We are quite hopeful that the upcoming years will be very fruitful for the students joining us as we will be expanding our exposure to the outsiders with participation in more events and competitions. We are looking forward to giving rise to more performers who can not only just learn this art but be professional dancers with the right skills. This is important for an institute like us.

Wrapping it Up

Anyone willing to be a part of Dance Pe Lo Chance at Terence Lewis Dance Institute can get in touch with us today, and we will be ensuring that they get the best mentorship for their talent. Moreover, our mentors will prepare you for competitions are programs ensuring you get the best exposure and stage presence. With the efforts from us as well as you and with the guidance of Terence sir, we look forward to making a huge impact in the upcoming years.

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