Published: 9th August 2021 by Admin

In the present times as all our lives are doing a fine balancing act between a total Lockdown and a partial Lockdown, we are in constant uncertainty of Where and How to Enroll for certain classes or courses?! Should we wait for Onground Classes if the Lockdown lifts soon? Or will it be reinforced? So, should we sign up for Online Dance Classes instead?

How do we decide?

We’ll let us try and help you arrive at a solution by putting things into perspective.

First let's discuss Online Dance Classes given the current world scenario.

The last year has been extremely tough on all our pockets too with a global financial meltdown! And yes, it is time to move on with our lives but let's do it with a nice, heavy dose of being Realistic! So, before we invest into anything, the first thing to do is to see what fits our pockets and then ensuring it is with a minimum risk.

In these times of uncertainty with the imminent threat of another Lockdown with the much-dreaded 3rd wave- sign up for a class where you won't lose your money!

Here Online Classes will definitely trump over Onground Classes- as the Online teaching will continue no matter what- even with the lockdown! So, it's Zero risk and a sure shot investment!

Another huge plus for Online Dance Training is that it is largely at much cheaper fees and much more affordable prices, as all the costs of Onground maintenance are cut off.

So like the TLPTI- the Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute- the top Dance Institute of India, which had fees of lakhs of rupees for specialized Onground Training, now also offers Online Classes at fees as low as ₹150 per class!! So, at TLPTI you're now getting the same A- Grade Quality Training as always, but at the Best Prices imaginable like never before!!

And what's more!!...learn from the comfort of your own home, so it's super convenient!

No more traveling!!! Say Bye Bye to those never-ending bus queues and battling through those crazy train rides; no more wading through floods or spending on exorbitant cab fares to get to your class on time!! So, you save on three very important commodities-Time, Energy and Money! Plus, if certain classes also offer additional Dance Tutorials- then you can revise at your own time and pace once again.

What's more? - you can even choose to join multiple dance courses / classes, back-to-back, as there is no fear of traveling anymore!!

So, just like our students, you too can now hop from one class to another with ease... from Hip hop to Bollywood, from Contemporary to Afro Jazz- get your full fix of happiness and fitness!

Plus, you can now fulfill your Dream!!- the chance to learn from the Best Institutes from across the globe, no matter where in the world you may live! We are all just a click away!!

Onground Classes of course have their own unique advantage too- largely that of having the physical presence of the Teacher within the classroom and experiencing the sharing of knowledge and energies up close and personal. Receiving corrections physically or understanding Dance Principles through tactile learning (through touch) has its undeniable value.

So those who have the time, finances and classes close to them can definitely enroll! - but Hey WATCH OUT!! Do Ensure - that in case of a Lockdown - your fees can be refunded to you!!

Well finally Online or Onground,
the ONE KEY INGREDIENT to successful learning is to select a reputed Institute with Great Teachers! So, choose wisely!

Leaving you for now with the legendary words of Friedrich Nietzsche-
" We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once!"
So don't lose another day.... Online or Onground....just get up and Dance!!! NOW!!

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