Reconnect the world

For the past three weeks, TLPTI & TLCDC have (in keeping with government advice and for the safety and security of all staff and students) temporarily disbanded operations at the Mumbai studios. However, the lockdown hasn’t stopped us from connecting, and we continue to teach our students at TLPTI like many institutions and organisations are doing today – with classes and assignments taking place online. In that sense, your dance classes are now right in your private room – closer to you than ever before.

In these trying times, we recognise that Dance is more important that ever: a universal language that can be done anywhere, anytime and by anyone, no specializations required; with an incredible ability to uplift and elevate the human spirit and make it soar! It can alternately also provoke thought and feeling… Very much the mood of this video made by our senior dancers and instructors,and of course, led ably by the Master Terence Lewis himself! From the TLPTI & TLCDC, comes a message about Oneness… emphasizing the need for us to stop, stand and take the time to smell the flowers. To self-reflect, and let all political, socio-economic and religious differences go… To stand together and overcome this challenge that has affected every corner of the world! It is time for us to work to Heal the World….

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