What does it take for a dancer to succeed in dance reality shows?

Published: 21st September 2021 by Admin

Kya baat !...Kya baat!....Kya Baat!, chimes Mithun Da and the young dancers fall to their knees with joy;
"What a Chummeshwari Performance"*!!, applauds Master Terence Lewis and millions come to their feet in a standing ovation!
And when Master Remo Dsouza hands them that Dance Plus ➕Trophy, it's like they've brought the Oscars home!!

Yes!...the Dance Judges are the new age Heros and Heroines of Television and Dance Reality Shows are the current Blockbusters of the silver screen....and guess what??...They're going HOUSEFULL!!

Everyone wants to be a part of it. Not only do the youngsters want it...but many parents want it even more!!

Why? may ask.
The answer can be summed up in one simple word - FAME!

Yes that's the Power of the Spotlight and the Magic of Media which has got everyone in its grip!
Television has now become the Big Daddy of Media and is doing what even cinema could not! - .. bringing the world to us ...right into our homes!!...reaching out to millions, old and young alike, in an instant and at no extra cost!!!

So, everyone wants the FAME and it all looks like magic on TV, but in reality, there is no 'jaadoo ki jhappi' or no 'magic wand' to be waived that can suddenly transport you onto that Dance Reality Stage!!

So, what does it really take for young Dancers to get there?

In this day and age where everything has levelled up, our expectations of what a Dancer must be able to do have also gone to a crazy high.
Talent alone can no longer be our only trump card. Young Dancers will have to have many more aces up their sleeve if they need to win this deal.

Apart from being talented and a great mover, the Dancer also has to be super flexible, strong, acrobatic, versatile, highly creative with something new to pull out of his/ her bag at every performance- it's like a human Multiplex! - you have to be ' all in one'!!! ' Talent ka bhandaar!!"

But now if this human Multiplex has to be built right it needs a solid foundation! And for Dancers this can ONLY happen with Hard Core CORRECT Training.

Please note that it's not only Training but it's CORRECT & CONSISTENT TRAINING that is the key.

The first step is finding WELL EXPERIENCED TEACHERS who can give you A FIRM FOUNDATION.
With the CORRECT TECHNIQUE TRAINING to first systematically prepare the body for the rigors ahead - to stay strong and injury free and have a long shelf life as a Dancer.

The Teacher cum Mentor is also key to then get the very best out of the young Dancer.

Remember, even the most precious diamond needs to be first carefully cut and finely polished to fulfill its full worth!
Kabhi kabhi ek zameen mein gada pathhar aur ek sartaj ke Noor mein bas ek sahi parakh ka phaasla hota hai

The Dance Teachers thus play a crucial role in recognizing and then bringing out the true potential of the young Dancer.

Numerous success stories currently in the Dance industry have all had a strong foundation that has helped them to sustain in this highly competitive arena.

The Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute- the TLPTI and the Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company - the TLCDC are proud and happy to have a long list of Star members (ex and current)- like Shakti Mohan, Punit Pathak, Anuradha Iyengar, Mayuresh Wadkar, Bertwin D'souza , Shampa Sonthalia , Arundhati Garnaik, Sally Salim Shaikh and now burning the stage Pratik Surve and Romsha Singh! (to name just a few!!)

They have worked hard and long to earn that spotlight- most being students of the Diploma in Dance Foundation Course - the Didfc- a premier course of the TLPTI. Years of correct technique and performance training, A HIGHLY INGRAINED SENSE OF DISCIPLINE, days and nights of sweat and toil and then with their mentors' guidance- they have danced their way into the hearts of millions!

Remember, there are no shortcuts to Excellence!
HARD WORK, CONSISTENCY and REPETITION should be the young Dancer's Mantra.

So, the question now is - is the correct technique training in multiple styles sufficient to make it?
No!...the young Dancer also has to hone his/ her performance skills.

Also, in the current world scenario even with the Pandemic and the Lockdown, Dancers, please do still continue with your Training. Enroll for Online Dance Classes, find Online Dance Training Courses that suit your needs.

And apart from the physical skill set, one's mental make-up is equally crucial. This is not just a physical feat but a battle of wits too. Train your mind to be strong, to be humble yet confident, taking both Praise and Rejection equally within your stride.

Reality Shows is the new age Dream, but Dancers please remember- there's a reality beyond Reality Shows too- so if you do not make it do not be disheartened. There's always a next time or other platforms and other avenues. There are many more stopovers for you to explore along this journey of life.

Right now, Reality calls!!- with multiple shows taking on our evenings by storm- be it IBD- India's Best Dancer or Dance Plus or Dance Deewane to name just a few.

So don't be afraid to pursue your Dream...
After all Life should be a Dream well lived!

So, for those of us who want our 15 seconds of fame, let's get 5,6,7, 8.......let the training begin!!!

- Mahrukh Dumasia
Program Director, Creative Head, Chief Choreographer,

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