5 best guidelines for all new dancers

Published: 15th April 2021 by Admin

Want to become a dancer, but don’t know where to start? Follow these guidelines that will set you upon your first easy steps towards becoming a full-fledged dancer!

Get proper training

If you are serious about becoming a dancer, the first thing you should do, is ensure you get proper training, from an established dance school or instructor with plenty of experience. Nowadays there are plenty of academies, institutes and teachers who teach the ABCs and more of dance both on ground and online. This will make sure that you have a firm base or foundation in the basic technique, which you can build upon to improve in later years.

Practice daily

Nothing makes you stronger at a skill than regular practice. We all have busy lives and it is often difficult to make time in our schedules for routine application. However, make sure you set aside time daily for practice. Dance involves muscle memory and the most important thing is to put your body through its paces, everyday without fail. Even if the studio class you have signed up for is only a few times a week, practice on your own revising what you learnt in the last session. It will guarantee progress at a good rate!

Warm up and cool down

Make sure you carve out enough time for a warm up and cool down before and after every class and practice session. These are important to keep your body in prime shape and avoid injuries. There is no point in going all out with the dance without investing in conditioning your body appropriately.

Explore different styles

Before you settle upon any one area of specialization, it is recommended that you try your hand at learning various different kinds of dance. While you may have a natural inclination for one or the other, expanding your repertoire will give you skills that will be useful, no matter which style you eventually settle upon. Nowadays a lot of people draw from multiple styles to create their own hybrid or fusion form that can become your signature.

Have fun!

And most importantly, relax and enjoy the learning process! While you must concentrate and take notes of what you are learning, also try and be in the moment, feel the moment every moment of your studio or online dance class! It is easy to get overwhelmed by what you are doing right or wrong, but at the same time, try and remember that dance is what you love and want to do for the sheer fun of it!!

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