The Internet is Burned Down by Terence Lewis and His Sexy Instructors

They say, Sometimes extenuating circumstances, get the best out of you! Personally for me n for my small company of talented, instructors along with a handful, super enthusiastic back-end team, this #lockdown has been a game changer! We worked literally overnight to go ONLINE which we should have done long ago! I under estimated the value of online Live coaching n Tutorials! Was so wrong n off the mark, assuming people won't be interested in it & won't pay! Yes our price points of just ₹500/- for 5 days of Live Coaching ( Morning n Evening ) with tutorials, sounded like 'music to everyone ears' ! We were not expecting such a great response given the economy but were surprised by the full house in each classroom! The value for price for the brand n the quality of instructors, n the flexibility of timings, was the winner! But the 'REAL' winner was when we started getting thousands of messages from student all over the world, that this was the best thing that ever happened to them in lockdown! Their tears of joy, their love for dance n their gratitude to our instructors for keeping it warm n welcoming, easy to learn for it's pace n breaking the myth that they have two left feet, was overwhelming ! We got a lot of goodwill also for the support staff, moderators n course advisor teams! Honestly, We had so many challenges, road blocks as we proceeded, n there were so many doubts too from inside the team too as that's natural, but we stood firm n didn't let the fact that we were not technologically advanced or the fact that no other dance institute had gone online yet, deter us from being the first to try it! Yes there was fear of failure cause no one had monetised it n also successfully on such a large scale! Yes, We were shit scared too but had nothing to lose! This video is a testimony to the faith n fervour of our fabulous front n back end team of #tlpti n @terencelewisdance warriors who never ceased to come together in the hardest times n create happiness n wealth towards self sustenance #atmanirbhar ✊🏽🤘🏽! A big big Thank you to all our online students who made our online Dance-venture, a success reality ! 👊🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽

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