Monthly Intensive Premium

Published: 2nd August 2021 by Admin

For the diehard dance lovers who want to take their Dance Training to the next level, and in the Style of their choice, we have great news !! - the All New, one of a kind- Monthly Intensive Premium - MI-P - is finally here and is just the course for you!

A 3 month Certificate Course, the MIP has classes in three different batches, offered in 3 of the most trending Dance styles- for lovers of Contemporary Dance or for the fans of Hip Hop dancing , or then to for the lovers of the globally trending Bollywood Dance form!

Dive deep into the Style of your choice, learning and exploring every aspect of the Dance form. A well-structured and professional online dance training course, the MIP focuses 50% on Technique Application & 50% on Choreographies & Performance . Learning technique-based terminologies, working on overall strength & flexibility of the body, technique application within the movement and understanding musicality are just some of the things you'll learn.

If you've ever asked yourself- Can I Learn Dance Online??...
Can I really pick up an Intensive course like this Online?? - the answer is YES and here are the reasons why.

  • The TLPTI - the Terence Lewis Dance Institute has been one of the leading Dance Schools of India for the past 23 years. So, rest assured your Online Dance Training will be conducted by well trained and experienced Instructors who are also extremely motivating.
  • The classes will be conducted on the platform ZOOM. A two way interaction (between the students & the instructors) thus gives it a personalized touch- even though you're Online. With only 40 seats in each class, the students receive systematic individual feedback from their Instructors.
  • Plus Instructors will instruct in Hindi and English- so no fear on that count! And moreover- you will also receive Dance Tutorials - on the basic fundamentals of the style plus the class Choreographies !
  • And yes! this is a suitable dance course for beginners, to then gradually build up with a progressive syllabus. We focus on building a strong foundation with crystal clear breakdown & systematic teaching methodologies.
  • Adding a cherry on the top, you will have a never before chance to meet and interact with Master Terence himself, in an Exclusive Class Visit !!
  • MIP is a complete Online Dance Training package specially designed for all the aspiring dancers.

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