TLPTI- Our Dream Mission Vision

The TL Dance Ambassadors Program (The DA Program)

-"Spreading the Joy!"

As the unprecendented global Lockdown took root, from there stemmed a whole new way of functioning for the TLPTI.

TLPTI- Our *Vision Mission Dream

The TLPTI- the Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute, stands as a 22 year old legacy of Dance, and India's leading Centre of Dance Education. The brand synonymous with Excellence, is known for consistently providing premier quality Dance Education on ground.

Our VISION- to be the premier Centre of Dance Education of highest Excellence The TL Brand is built on 3 pillars- Excellence, Innovation, and Spreading the Joy of Dance to all .

Our MISSION- to help further quality Dance Education for the less fortunate It has been the TLPTI tradition to give Scholarships and opportunities to young dancers.

Over the 22 years, the TLPTI has given a staggering *INR 4 Crores worth Dance Scholarships, to young dance students with financial stringencies and constraints !

Many students have passed out of our studios well equipped; going on to fulfil their Dance dreams.

However, inspite of our best efforts this dream unfortunately has remained out of reach for many other young dancers due to stringencies of finances or geographical divides.

Paradoxically the Lockdown and Social Distancing somehow has brought us closer and finally bridged that divide!

Our *DREAM- *Build A World Community of Dancers

With the TLPTI now going Online full steam we have been able to restructure and package Grade A Courses Online at dream prices.

The same quality, with our top of the line Instructors but now at prices otherwise impossible to have imagined!!!

A host of Online Courses of varying durations and levels are now within easy reach of just about every one!

But we need to be able to reach out to all and spread the word that the TL Brand is no longer out of reach! And still stays of the finest quality!

The Dance Ambassadors (DA) Program was thus initiated to spread this awareness and reach out to the world.

We of course have an entire professional backend set up dedicated to support the system. So then why the DA Program??

Because this is not just a business transaction"!!

This is creating an opportunity for Dancers and Dance enthusiasts. By supporting and helping us therein lies an opportunity for the DAs to create self generated Dance Scholarships! .

Who are the DAs?

The DAs are usually people who maybe handpicked or strongly believe in our product and our Brand.

We function on 3 important ideals- *LOVE PRIDE JOY & DANCE

LOVE for Dance ,


JOY of spreading the word and also in return

Furthering their own DANCE Education through self generating Dance Scholarships !

They thus form a happy network taking Dance and Fitness to all one and all ... Spreading the Joy!

The Program offers a range of Courses to be attached to and in return, also a range benefits to avail of for the DA.

Our DAs will be guided and assisted at every step of the way by their Senior TLPTI DA GUIDES .

We look sincerely forward to welcoming you in our fold.

"Dancers are the athletes of God" - Albert Einstein

Let's continue running our race...let's start "Spreading the Joy "

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