The Best Suggestion for Contemporary Dance Outfit

Have you joined a contemporary class online with the Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute?

Excited to begin, but not sure what you should wear? Proper attire is crucial in making sure that your virtual dance class goes smoothy, so follow the points below to ensure that you are correctly dressed: -

1) Like all dance classes, contemporary requires comfortable clothing that allows your body to move without restriction. Contemporary dancers often prefer to wear muted or block colours to go with the mood of the work.
2) A body-fitting top or singlet will help you and your instructor clearly see and understand body alignment and postures, particularly for standing technique classes.
3) For floorwork, you can wear a light, loose and comfortable top, either half or full-sleeved, along with track pants
4) Depending on the floor in your home, you can decide to do the class barefoot, or with socks to protect your feet muscles. Take a call depending on how slippery it is or how hard the surface.
5) Similarly, you can wear knee pads if necessary, to protect your knees while doing your online contemporary class at home.

So now you know how to dress to impress for your online contemporary class for beginners, just make sure you are properly warmed up to ‘open’ your body before the virtual dance class. This will enable you to really get the maximum benefit with range of movement and really enjoy your class.

contemporary dance attire
contemporary dance attire
contemporary dance attire
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