Bollywood Cardio workout

Here is TLPTI’s top tip for losing weight and staying super fit – particularly this year when Diwali and Christmas are close together! BoCa, our trademarked Bollywood Cardio workout designed personally by Terence Lewis himself and conducted online, is specially designed to help you shift any excess pounds and improve your overall fitness levels.

Master Terence created the structure of BoCa keeping scientific principles of cardio-vascular fitness in mind. The rhythm and pace of each class is precisely calculated to keep heart rates on a steady incline. Apart from weight loss, aerobic exercise lowers heart rates and increases your lung capacity, leading to a host of benefits in the long run: including lower cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. In turn, these all decrease your chances of getting heart diseases, diabetes and strokes. Regular cardio-aerobic exercise also improves cognitive functioning and releases endorphins (happy hormones) into the bloodstream – so it keeps you mentally sharp and feeling good. All these benefits accrue over time, so one of the key factors in upping your overall health is consistency. BoCa is designed to keep the workout engaging – incorporating fun dance moves set to Bollywood hits – and you can take these exercise classes online, from the comfort of your home!

bollywood cardio workout
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