What type of diet should I intake before dance practice?

Published: 27th April 2021 by Admin

Have you begun dance classes online recently? Wondering what you should be eating before and after each class to ensure you get the full benefit? What we eat before a class, whether online or in a studio, impacts how we perform in that class.

Eating a full meal just before a class should be avoided to prevent a stitch or sudden cramps in the stomach. Ideally try to keep an hour or longer between a full meal. If the duration is less (upto about 30 minutes before you start stretching), you could limit your portion size.

Your meal should be balanced with proteins, carbohydrates for energy and vegetables. Avoid simple sugars as far as possible as these release a short burst of energy, but will adversely affect your stamina.

Fruits/nuts are good to consume shortly before any physical activity. They will keep you hydrated as well as providing energy. Hydration is perhaps the most important aspect, which you need to keep in mind when you are dancing. Take small sips of water at intervals through the class. You can consume electrolyte fluids which contain sodium, potassium and magnesium. ORS or Electral sachets are available at any chemist. A glass of buttermilk is also a good option!

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