Three ideas for excellent dance videos

Published: 24th February 2021 by Admin

The current trend of dance videos going viral on social media platforms means that all students who take our dance classes online or on ground, want to know the secret to making great dance videos. Here are 3 tips from our instructors, who are well-seasoned in the art of creating dance videos and getting lots of attention!

Try to record your dance video with a nice camera so that the quality of your video is good. Get a friend to record your video using different camera angles like - zoom in, zoom out, panning the camera, top shot or a low-level shot, etc. You can match the rhythm of your choreography (quick paced edits and fast-moving shots for an energetic number, for example) to give your dance video an interesting effect.

You can use the space around you effectively and creatively. If you are recording your dance videos at home, you can use your sofa, table, cushions or a chair as a part of your dancing act to make it look more dynamic & creative by thinking out of the box. Use the environment as a feature of your video, instead of simply a background!

Your attire for the dance video plays a very important part. Your clothing should complement your song, your choreography & the essence of the dance style you have chosen. If you are doing HipHop style – wear cool & funky attire with accessories like a cap or a wrist band or a chain with nice HipHop or sports shoes to get into the HipHop groove & style by adding your own SWAG!!! This similarly applies to other styles as well.

Incorporate these tips into your videos to present yourself really well and enhance your dancing & performance value along with the overall quality of your dance video! And of course, sign up to our online dance classes to perfect your dance itself!

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