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The Terence Lewis Academy- the TLA, established since 1998, is one of the premier institutes for Dance education for the past 14 years. Offering an interesting Dance menu, with a variety of dance styles- Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Salsa& Bollyhop! The TLA functions with the primary aim of providing systematic dance training. The TLA classes reach out to all age groups and people from all walks of life. From 4 year olds to 70 year olds. The TLA classes are tailor made to fulfil different aims: the TLA's Young Masters Program - a year- long certificate Jazz & Hip Hop based course for children, to Open Seasonal Classes of shorter durations (like Dance Camp in the summer, Monsoon Blast and Winter Jam), to Professional Graduate & Undergraduate Diploma Courses (like the Diploma In Dance- DID), that are offered under the Terence Lewis Dance Foundation Scholarship Trust-the TLDFST,to individual one on one Personal Training classes. The TLA has tie-ups with Schools and Corporates, instituting Dance as a part of their regular curriculum and schedules, and also conducts College Workshops of shorter durations. The TLA National & International Workshops, high on the current demand chart, are spread all over India, Europe, parts of the U.S., Canada, the Middle East & Far East, spreading the TLA methodology of teaching.

Each TLA course/ workshop follows a well researched syllabus. All classes are a combination of technique training and choreography, thus fulfilling the dual of Dance-acquiring creativity as well as the correct training for physical strength. The classes follow an international class structure of a warm up, choreography and cool down. The TLA faculty consists of our finest instructors, all trained by Terence Lewis and experts from over the world.

Choreographing for and teaching for Sangeet ceremonies is another extremely popular and enjoyable pursuit of the TLA instructors, tailor making special packages for all- be it the 'dada' dadis' or the 'nana' nanis', or the charged up youngsters of the family....proving Terence Lewi's philosophy of ABCD- Any Body Can Dance!

Television is another area the TLA is fast capturing. With the reign of Dance based reality shows, the TLA instructors have been rocking the small screen with their choreographic and teaching abilities.

The multiple influences, the broad base of knowledge of western dance techniques along with intense exposure to the Indian disciplines and market demand, definitely gives the TLA product an edge over its competitors.

Come join the TLA...... and get an education!

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